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Our being located on one of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world is the prime reason that fishing for Atlantic Salmon is our number one activity, with hundreds of guests from around the world returning annually to fly fish the Miramichi for Atlantic Salmon - the "King of Gamefish". The Miramichi also offers good Trout and Striped Bass fishing and we do fish for these two species of gamefish throughout the season.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing

The Atlantic Salmon fishing season runs from April 15th through Oct 15th on much of the Miramichi with prime time for spring Salmon fishing occurring between April 15th and May 15th. In spring, much of the fishing is done from boats - normally one angler to one guide. Much action is experienced at this time of season as the salmon are feeding and good numbers are in the river system. The method used in April is by using sinking lines or sinking tips. In May, depending on conditions, Big streamer flies. Sinking lines, sinking tips & floating lines will also be used with smaller sized streamer flies. We are ideally located for some of the better spring fishing as we are far enough upriver for all the fish to swim by but low enough in the system for them to hold up while entering the tidal waters.

Summer/Fall salmon fishing

The summer Salmon season starts on June 16th with much of the fishing done by wading, however, boat fishing is still available for those who prefer it to wading. 8-9 wt. rods with floating lines - using both wet and dry flies depending on conditions - is the method used for catching these fresh Wild Atlantic Salmon as they arrive in the system from the sea.

In the summer and fall, the Atlantic Salmon are not feeding but take flies out of pure instinct and Salmon up to 30+ lbs. are landed annually on the System. The Miramichi contains a lot of private fishing water so we pride ourselves in offering guests some of the better private water for fishing which produces the best success rate.

Trout Fishing

The Trout season runs from May 1st through September 15th on the Miramichi river System, with the most productive time being from May 1st to early July. In May, much Trout fishing is done - similar to Salmon fishing - from boats, with sinking tip streamer flies used mostly in the faster water stretches of the Main River system, but from June into early July, the Cains river is best using 4-7 wt. fly rods and floating lines with dry flies. It is common to catch trout in the system weighing up to 4-5 Lbs.

Striped Bass Season (Season opens May 1st)

The Miramichi has an abundance of Wild Striped Bass in the system which can be fished using a number of different methods, but non much better than using a dry fly. We fish for them in the lower stretches of the system and tidal water from Mid may on.

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